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Helping professionals design peak performance lifestyles through Flow States Intervention

Get coached on Flow States to Boost Your Productivity Fivefold, Enhance concentration, and Achieve Your Objectives in Remarkably Efficient Timeframes.

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About Me

I'm Narsing Arravally, a specialized Flow States Coach dedicated to enhancing the performance of entrepreneurs. My background includes founding a social enterprise, a career in the Canadian insurance industry, and experience as a community project coach. My passion for visionary leadership and personal growth through transformational practices has shaped my approach to coaching.

In my role, I focus on helping entrepreneurs achieve peak performance by mastering the art of flow states. This unique coaching technique is designed to unlock their inherent creativity and efficiency. Outside of my professional life, I enjoy indulging in reading, spending quality time with my dog Bindi, and embracing the thrill of winter skiing.

A quirky aspect of my personality: My wife humorously points out my inability to converse while driving, highlighting my belief in the power of unitasking as a key to mastering life's complexities.

Thank you for showing interest in my journey. I'm eager to learn more about yours and explore how we can collaborate.

Flow Training workshops

Flow Training Workshops skillfully train employees to frequently achieve a state of flow, elevating workplace productivity and life satisfaction. This transformative method reinvigorates the practice of flow, surpassing conventional productivity techniques.

Imagine a workforce where every member is fully immersed in their tasks, where they experience

Elevate Workplace Engagement

The Flow State enhances your engagement with the Task, your Team, and the overall workplace Targets.

Elevate Workplace Productivity

Productivity tools are at your disposal, but remember that you are a biological being. The Flow State serves as the source code for unlocking your creativity, learning, and productivity.

Become Burntout Proof

Craft a life centered on flow states to effortlessly combat the stress, overwhelm, and anxiety of the 21st-century lifestyle.

Flow State at your Will

Master the skill of accessing Flow State at will at any given time. Redefine what's possible for yourself, your team, your vision, and your family.


Help yourself and your team to spend most of the work time in Flow State which contributes to overall life satisfaction, fulfillment, and wellbeing.


Client Feedback on My Coaching

"I am deeply inspired by Narsing's commitment to human transformation. What I appreciate most about him as a coach is that he truly lives and embodies his work. I have a much greater understanding of my flow states and the flow-blockers that would keep me from reaching my greatest potential. As a recording artist and a Keynote speaker, being able to tap into my creative genius requires me to tap into flow. He's helped me understand how to do that systematically, not just “it comes when it comes.” I highly recommend him as a coach and flow state expert."

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Shaun Bhoothe
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Contact Me

To get in touch with me and inquire about coaching services, feel free to reach out via any of the methods listed below.